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Risk-based Decision-making publications

Leach Bennett, J. Blajchman, M. A., Delage, G., Fearon, M. and Devine, D. (2011) Proceedings of a consensus conference: Risk-based decision making for blood safety. Transfusion Medicine Reviews 25(4) 267-92

Stein, J., Besley, J., Brook, C., Hamill, M., Klein, E., Krewski, D., Murphy, G., Richardson, M., Sirna, J., Skinner, M., Steiner, R., van Aken, P. and Devine, D. (2011) Risk-based decision-making for blood safety: preliminary report of a consensus conference. Vox Sanguinis 101(4) 277-81

Other ABO publications

Morgan, S., Rackham, R. A., Penny, S., Rawson, J.R., Walsh, R.J., Ismay, S.L. (2015) Business continuity in blood services: two case studies from events with potentially catastrophic effect on the national provision of blood components.Vox Sanguinis 108 (2) 151- 159

Williamson, L. M., Benjamin, R. J., Devine, D. V., Katz, L. M., Pink, J. and the Alliance of Blood Operators Medical Directors Group (2015), A clinical governance framework for blood services. Vox Sanguinis 108 (3) 1 - 12

Alliance of Blood Operators - Medical Group Blood Donor Safety Issues White Paper. March 21st, 2014. ABO Donor Safety Issues White Paper